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Restoration Services

At Craftmaster Restoration, Inc., our team of specialized, experienced, restoration professionals will exceed your expectations.


Fire Damage


Fire Damage restoration is a very specific set of processes that require different restoration

methods and measures depending on the type of fire damage that occurred. It is our

fast response time coupled with our team of experienced professionals that sets our

reconstruction and smoke an odor removal process significantly above the rest. You will be

well informed throughout the entire process from beginning to end.

Wind & Weather


At Craftmaster Restoration Inc., we are always prepared for the unexpected, such as

thunderstorms, downbursts, wind, tornadoes, lightning, ice and snow destruction. These

natural disasters can change the appearance and function of your home or business in an

instant. We can reverse Mother Nature’s fury by restoring your home or business back to

the condition you knew, before your unexpected occurrence.

Vehicle Impact


Accidents due to vehicle impact to your home or business structure impart both hidden

(structural and/or foundation damage) that the untrained eye will never see, as well as

visually apparent damage obvious from the outside. At Craftmaster Restoration Inc., our

experienced team will immediately determine the impact of any foundation and structural

damage, and respond with the appropriate restoration and repair solutions. All siding and

trim restoration work will be completed with strict attention to detail.

Water Damage


Water damage is a frequent and major contributor to loss of property. Contact us at

Craftmaster Restoration Inc., for complete water mitigation removal (link to MOSES here)

followed by superior restoration services that will reinstate your property back to its

original condition – quickly and professionally, just as you deserve.

Water Mitigation Services

Excess water in your home can cause monumental problems and excessive costs if not

addressed immediately. Whether it is a storm, floodwater, or simply leaky pipes, any water

in your home has the potential to be disastrous. M.O.S.E.S. has the technology and expertise

to correct your problem the first time.

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